About me

Lindsay Godden; an English teacher and community school manager has channeled her unconventional approach to life’s purpose and her unquenchable thirst for knowledge into her first book, “The Mother Tree” in which she explores the meaning of life through the imagery of a tree. Starting with the roots which represent everything spiritual and working through the trunk, branches, leaves and blossoms, as the tree grows, it reveals different aspects of life including our emotional guidance system, the physical science of our world, and moreover providing us with a complete road map of practical skills including goal setting, time management and establishing values. The blossoms eventually fall from the tree and die demonstrating how life comes full circle and begins again with the spiritual.

Having written her own columns in two local newspapers: most recently ‘A Positive Pie’ in the Coastrider and previously a column on raising ex-pat children in Spain in The Guide Newspaper, Lindsay’s main source of inspiration comes from the school children with whom she works. You only have to observe children to appreciate that they serve as our best teachers. They understand instinctively that life is for living and enjoying. On the one hand, they are a constant source of wonder whilst on the other, they help to keep us always grounded in the present moment.

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