This is to certify that ‘NAME’ has now officially reached the age of twenty-one.  They have earned the right to vote, have sex, raise children, buy a pint and go clubbing.  It is unlikely that they will  have any desire to do many of these things now that it is legal as it was much more fun when it wasn’t.  This certificate entitles the bearer to call themselves a bona fide adult.  They now have the answer to all of life’s problems and therefore if they make any mistakes, they should not be forgiven.


Signed:  __________________________________   Date:  ____________________


We all know what a nonsense this is but it occurred to me the other day that perhaps this is how we treat each other as adults.  As a mum of four wonderful children and working in a small community school, I am privileged to be around children on a daily basis.  When life becomes filled with a mountain of adult problems, the children in my life help to ground me and keep me in touch with what’s really important.  Kids from as little as two and as grown up as nineteen pass through our doors year on year and it is wonderful to follow their lives and watch them grow into amazing adults.


But when do we really come of age?  The truth is that adults are just big children.  We spend our whole loves learning and growing.  It never ends.  When children do something wrong, we help them to correct their behaviour.  We see the perfection in their imperfections and love them just as they are but as adults we are expected to know better.  But why is this?  If we are all learning, isn’t it just possible that we haven’t yet come across this particular challenge in our life yet?  Or maybe our past experience has simply taught us to handle things in a different way.  Who is to say one way is right and another wrong?


This is the important lesson I have learned this week.  We are all just children who are sometimes a little bit lost.  We need support and not criticism.  We need to feel valued even as we make mistakes.  Whilst I cannot, and do not wish to, change anybody else’s behavior, I am going to try my hardest to be as forgiving and non-judgemental of adults as I am with the children in my life.

Super Moon


There are rare moments in our existence when the simple beauty of our natural environment so takes our breath away that it forces us to stop in our tracks and contemplate the higher purpose of our lives.  One such instance was this Monday with the rise of the super moon.  The evening did not start very promisingly as thick grey clouds took it upon themselves to protect the modesty of our lady moon by covering her up completely with their long, shadowy tendrils.  But depite their best efforts she was determined to shine and stepped out into the lime light to take centre stage in all her glory.  This exquisite ball of light shone with effortless grace and beauty and so low in the sky was she, that she looked twice her usual size giving off a soft, subtle glow as she continued on her midnight dance.


But it wasn´t just her visual beauty that was so stunning.  More wonderful, still was the power and the energy that she radiated and her ability to make us hit the brake pedal for a few moments and contemplate our very existence and the sheer magnitude of the universe.  As I stood looking up into the night sky, I was awestruck to contemplate that the moon is exactly the right distance away from the earth to keep it spinning perfectly on its axis.  Any nearer or further away and our world would become completely unstable as it wobbled violently in its orbit.


It is certainly not a new concept that the moon has such great powers.  She keeps our gravity in check, is responsible for the ebb and flow of our oceans and it is a well known fact that many more babies are born under the light of the full moon.  In ancient times, she has even been blamed for mental illness hence the term “lunacy”.


Any natural phenomenon that gives us cause to pause in our busy lives and contemplate our place in this world can only be a positive thing but the power of our super moon is in all of us, all of the time.  We only have to reach a little higher and stretch a little further to find our inner strength.  Don’t wait for the next super moon to make your move.  Start that project now and give it everything you’ve got.  The power to create worlds can be found in every last one of us.

Mind The Gap


When I first had children, it was my earnest belief that it was my job to teach them everything about life.  Little did I know that they had already set their emotional sat nav long before they landed on this planet and that they were fully kitted out with their own moral compass.  They were born with HD inside.


What I really wasn´t prepared for was just how much they would teach me.  In every waking moment spent with my children, I learn and grow as an individual.  Some lessons not always learned the easy way.  They have taught me more in eighteen years than I could ever have hoped to have taught them in a hundred lifetimes.


This week was no exception when I was reminded of a very important life lesson.  Stuck for something to do on a boring Sunday, we decided to take the little rural train from Los Nietos to Cartagena and spend a few hours exploring this historical naval city nestled on the East Coast of Spain.  We had a little bit of a car ride to the station and when we finally arrived, it really didn´t look very promising.  The station building itself was all locked up with metal grills pulled across.  Peering through the windows, the station canteen had clearly been abandoned long ago with a few remaining tables and chairs stacked up in a pile at the back, and to top it all, there wasn´t a soul on the platform.  Nevertheless, having spent a while in the car, we stood waiting expectantly.  The wind whistled along the track and our main entertainment was watching the lonely tumble weed, meandering along the line aimlessly.


After thirty minutes and just about to give up on the idea altogether, to our amazement a tiny, geriatric train could be seen trundling along in the distance.  The excitement of my children was immediate and electric.  Previously sat huddled on the one remaining station bench, they instantly rose to their feet cheering the train on as it rolled lazily into the little station.


Once on board and having purchased our tickets, my two youngest boys, could not sit still, choosing instead to watch animatedly out of the window, observing the world as it moved along.  We passed by little mining villages, a modern windfarm on the top of the hill and some beautiful mountain desert scenery.  They ran excitedly from one side of the carriage to the other steaming up the windows as they pressed their faces against them.


Their enthusiasm was contagious and most of the veteran Spanish travelers watched them with interest as the children weaved between the seats.  The lined faces of the ´señores´ and ´señoras´ looked wistful, perhaps reminiscing about their own childhoods in the Spanish Campo many years ago.


And this reminded me of something very important.  The joy of life is truly in the journey and not the destination.  Ultimately, where do we think we´re headed anyway?  It is unlikely we would ever see an intrepid mountaineer requesting to be airlifted to the highest peak to avoid the challenge of the climb to the top or an artist wanting his picture to be finished immediately.


We came here to enjoy the feeling of achievement which can be found in our journey TO places.  This includes all of the obstacles along the way because it is in life´s challenges that we find our biggest satisfaction when we overcome them.  So let´s set our goals by all means but let´s not lose sight of the here and now.  Today is part of your journey.  What are you going to do to make it memorable?  Start right now, don´t wait.  Seize the moment and enjoy it for every treasure it can give you.  Don´t look forward feeling empty about what you haven´t yet achieved but with eagerness and excitement about the future possibilities.


So thank you children for reminding me of one of the most important things in life.  We are truly here to nourish our souls and enjoy every moment of our life experience.

Turning Monsters Into Angels



Lurking at the very edge of the shadows, coiled like tight springs waiting to pounce, fearsome monsters stand poised to attack.  These are the creatures of our nightmares.  Unlike the Halloween characters of yesterday, visible and obvious, these beasts remain hidden and shrouded in swirling, misty darkness.


And that is exactly what happened to me this summer:  a metaphorical monster of an illness (in fact two illnesses) brought me to my knees and I really didn’t see it coming.  So the universe forced me to slam on the brakes, take my foot off the gas and reassess my life.  Whilst family and friends rallied around to ensure that my children were fed and watered, I lay in my bed and contemplated what had happened to me and what I had learned.


Listen to your friends!  Several of my close friends predicted my impending doom but I was so busy being busy that their warnings fell on deaf ears.  I chose to argue for my limitations…who wants to admit that things are heading south?  True friends have got your back; true friends tell you honestly and with love, things that you sometimes don’t want to hear.  Listen to what they have to say without feeling the need to defend your position.  They may just have a point.


Learn who your extended circle of friends are.  I suddenly discovered, when the chips were down, what an amazing support group I really had.  Help came from all directions and the most unexpected sources.  These amazing friends took my children out and entertained them for the day; they brought home cooked meals to my door to feed a hungry family; they sent messages of encouragement when I felt there was no hope; they drove me home when I couldn’t do so; they came with me to appointments.  They dropped everything and gave me practical, emotional and spiritual help without expecting anything in return.  They didn’t offer to help – they just helped.  Remember there are angels everywhere and they don’t all have wings and a halo.


Don’t take life so seriously.   Life is meant to be joyous in every moment and yet it is so easy to get stuck on the hamster wheel and wrapped up in the illusion.  Let go of everything that doesn’t matter, which, in most cases, is 80% of what we do every day.  Just lighten up and enjoy life unfolding without getting dragged into the drama.


What’s the rush? Where are you rushing to anyway?  There’s nowhere you really, really have to be and nothing that you really, really have to do.  Nowadays, we are so busy setting goals and crossing off achievements that we forget to enjoy the view along the way.  The last man to reach the top of Everest didn’t ask to be airlifted to the highest peak to get it done quickly.  He went for the exhilaration of the challenge and to cherish the memories along the way.


Most importantly, I learned that life truly is a blessing, that we should look for the good in everything and cherish every life giving breath that we breathe.

Simple Abundance

“Gratitude ……turns what we have into enough and more, denial into acceptance, chaos to order, confusión to clarity.  It can turn a meal into a feast, a house into a home, a stranger into a friend.  It makes sense of our past, brings peace for today and creates a vision for tomorrow.”  Melody Beady      

Many, many years ago in the days before I had children, I remember receiving, through the post, a beautifully gift wrapped parcel at Christmas.  The hand crafted box had been delivered from San Diego where I knew no one and I puzzled over who would have taken such painstaking time and trouble to send me a yuletide present from so far away.  As I opened the box, I pulled out a book called “Simple Abundance” by a lady named Sarah Ban Breathnach.  At the time I was working for a UK company organising events for groups of CEOs and Managing Directors and the book was from one of the motivational speakers I had booked.  Of course, company rules state that you should not accept gifts from suppliers but needless to say, I was happy for this one to slip through the net.

It is fair to say that this book started me on a journey.  It teaches you through beautiful prose to simply appreciate the wonderful life that you already have.  Stop searching for something more.  Stop saying, “If only I had such and such, I would be happy.”   You don´t need anything to be happy and you don´t need to do anything to become happy.  You are not a human doing, you are a human being so trying to do something to make yourself happy just won´t work.  Just stop for a moment, just be quiet for a second, take a few deep breaths, look around you and realize that you are already there.  The way to become anything, is just to be it now and it will materialize in front of you.  Simple abundance teaches 6 principles.

Gratitude.  You already have what you need to be happy.  Embrace the hand you have been dealt.

Simplicity. The simpler your life, the more abundant and happy you can be.  So try to find time just to relax with no schedule and no agenda.

Order.  Whilst none of us enjoys housework and chores, creating order also creates sanity so toss out the things you don´t need and have a happy, tidy house.

Harmony.  Making space for your own ambitions and not just others´needs and demands.  This is all about creating balance and peace.

Beauty.  Seeing the wonder in ordinary and everyday things which are often overlooked is the key to appreciating beauty.

Joy…  is your highest purpose.  Life has a habit of throwing obstacles at us when we least expect them but deciding to handle them with joy will give you a whole new perspective.

Summer is the perfect time to start living these principles when the pace of life is slowing down and the living is easy.  So the next time, you eat a ripe piece of fruit, really savour the texture and the taste, enjoy the gentle breeze on a summer´s evening, when you go to the beach, actually swim in the sea or dive into a swimming pool and feel the cool water swirling around you.  Set your alarm for five a.m. and watch the sun rise, write a list of all the things you have always wanted to do and commit to doing one of them this month –  right here and now.  Make time just for you to do nothing.  Just be still, breath in the life all around you and be happy that you are alive.

So with this simple mantra, you can approach life with a new found calm confidence.  Understand that the world is a friendly place and it is truly on your side even if it doesn´t feel that way today.  When you look back you will see that life has worked out perfectly.  Therefore celebrate your life with a completely new point of view.


Yesterday marked the first day of Spring half term in my children’s school.  As it is the beginning of May and we live in Spain, we have guaranteed good weather, right?  Nope.  We woke to angry storm clouds rolling furiously across a bewildered sky smothering the benevolent rays of the sun!  The kids, who had planned a whole schedule of activities and faced with a long boring day of solitary confinement, were not in the least bit impressed.  The day stretched endlessly in front of us like being stuck in a revolving door.  We consulted the list once again looking desperately for something that could be carried out indoors without risk of harm or injury, or even death by boredom but to no avail.  And then the old adage came to me.


“Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass but learning to dance in the rain.”


…….so we did just that.  We donned our wellies and went to the beach in the pouring rain and had the best fun we’d had in ages!  As you would expect, the beach was deserted and, as the waves rolled in and broke on the shore, I was in awe of the power and wild beauty of the nature that surrounds us every, single day.


Life is only ever about perception.  Two people can have the exact same experiences yet one can find it enjoyable whilst the other is disappointed.  It is only ever to do with our mood and attitude at the start of the activity.  Enter into everything with expectant anticipation and you will instantly see what a difference it can make to your life.  A previously mundane or repetitive activity can turn into an adventure.  Just like the two dogs in the hall of mirrors:  the happy dog goes in eagerly wagging his tail and is greeted by his own enthusiastic reflection whereas the angry dog sees only a ferocious and snarling image of himself thus perpetuating his view of life as hostile and unfriendly.


Life is all about contrast and a short spell of something unwanted can help us to appreciate the things around us that we enjoy and yet take for granted so embrace the rain for it allows us to see the sun again in all its life giving magnificence.  And don’t forget, that even as the sun is overwhelmed by clouds, it hasn’t gone anywhere.  It is still there, just temporarily out of sight


It is first thing in the morning and as the alarm goes off and you shake off the last remnants of sleep, you find yourself balanced on a scale which has a bad mood on one side and good on the other.  As the fulcrum swings precariously from side to side, you are blissfully unaware that you are able to influence the tipping point.  Most advocates of positive thinking and the law of attraction will be only too aware that happiness is a choice that you make every morning.  You will also know that a bad day is a self fulfilling prophesy and will only serve to bring more bad things towards you.  Nevertheless, we are all only human and despite our best efforts, there are odd days when we just feel a bit “off”.  Ironically, the more you are in touch with the energy around you, the more your bad mood will put you out of sorts.  So for those rare moments when we just let our humanness get the better of us, what can we do to alleviate the impact?


  1. Embrace it.  When the chips are down and you’ve taken a few knocks, just honour your feelings.  There is no use trying to pretend that everything is ok when you feel far from it.  People are not so easily fooled and you certainly won’t be able to pull the wool over your own eyes. One bad day in a long line of good ones is really not going to have a huge impact on your future.  Recognise your bad mood for what it is and accept that, in a world full of contrast, having a bad day helps you to identify your preferences.  Say to yourself, “my bad mood has shown me what I don’t like about my life, and that will help me to understand what I want to change and I can work on that tomorrow when I am feeling better.”  Just accept it as a blip and move on.
  2. Cap it.  If things aren’t going your way, allow yourself a fixed time period in which to feel sorry for yourself.  Perhaps 24 hours of wallowing in self pity will be enough.  Allow yourself to feel your emotions full out for 24 hours and then stop, pick yourself up, get yourself dressed, paint a smile on your face (even if you have to fake it) and go out and face the world again.
  3.  Energise it.  We all have our own methods of getting in “the zone” and getting energised: perhaps a brisk walk in nature, a sprint along the sea front, dancing to your favourite tunes, or singing at the top of your voice.  Alternatively, painting a picture, or going for a fast swim.  Whatever activity it is that works for you, throw your heart and soul into it and keep going as long as you possibly can using up your energy in a positive way.  Make yourself do it even if you don’t feel like it.  You will be glad you did.
  4. Talk to your shadow.  Let me introduce you to your shadow self; the little negative inner voice that can sometimes get the better of you and sabotage your good mood.  If you are having a moment where your shadow self is calling the shots, don’t ignore it.  Give him or her a voice and let them do their worst.  Picture them as the worst version of you standing in front of you and ask them what their problem is.  Listen to what they have to say.   Let your shadow self rant and rave until there is nothing more left to say.  Make sure that they don’t hold back.  Once you have let them have their say, tell them, “Thank you for sharing,” and then banish them from your sight.  Picture them on an ipad screen and simply swipe the screen to erase them or if that feels a bit harsh, put them inside a bubble of light and watch them float off into the distance.  Send them away with your love and blessing.
  5. Write it.  There’s something very therapeutic about writing everything down.  What is it that you are afraid of or angry about?  Write down the worst case scenario to the problem that you are facing and then write down ten steps you can take to overcome it if it happens.  Once you have written it all down and you have a solution to the problem, let it go and just get on with your day knowing that you can tackle it head on..
  6. Zen it. There is so much that has been written about the benefits of meditation and mindfulness that there can be very little doubt that it is extremely good for your health.  When you feel overwhelmed by stress, take a few minutes to meditate and find inner peace and serenity.  Put your earphones in and listen to a guided meditation or simply take a few deep, cleansing breaths as you clear your mind and focus on the here and now.
  7. Sleep on it.  If all else fails and you have the opportunity, go back to bed and take a siesta.  Strange as it may sound, all of your pent up worries and negative resistance stops when you are asleep.  A power nap will be just the ticket provided you don’t wake up and immediately focus your attention on the same problem.  You might not be able to do this until bedtime but try to get an early night and be determined to have a better day tomorrow.
  8. Work up the Scales.  If you really are having a bad time then try to deliberately make yourself feel a tiny bit better each day.  Taking baby steps is the order of the day.  So if you feel helpless, you might want to deliberately get angry and have a rant.  Although anger is not a good way to feel, it is better than hopeless as it gives you back some power.  You might move from angry to annoyed, or annoyed to frustrated but eventually you will cross the threshold into the positive end of the emotional scale and from there, you are home and dry.  This process may take several days or even weeks but it can be achieved.  Just stay focused and celebrate each little success.


There are no easy solutions when you are having a bad day but the more you get annoyed with yourself, the worse it will get.  Just relax into it and cut yourself a bit of slack.  Tomorrow really is another day and with a little determination, you can make it a better one.

The Nature of Reality

Poised at the very edge of Heaven, your toes wrapping tightly around the end of the diving board and peering tentatively down into the clouds below, you are about to jump off into the misty, murky waters of the virtual reality game that we call “life”.  You can’t wait to begin and in order to make the game more memorable and more exciting, you have agreed, right at your birth, to have your past memories erased, thus completely forgetting that the whole process of life is a game at all, and, in fact, thinking and acting like it is all very “real”.


There are no rules to the game you are about to play other than those you choose to adopt from other key players. You may also find that you will make up certain rules of your own based on your particular experiences.  As you travel on your life journey, you don´t have to do anything or go anywhere.  However, you will interact with millions of other players and as you do so, you will start to take on different roles, responsibilities and beliefs.


As with all computer games, all of the possible outcomes of the game have already been pre-programmed .  You can choose to be rich or poor, get married or stay single, be healthy or have bouts of illness.  At any time, if you do not like what you have chosen, you can create something different by the power of your thoughts.  However, because you are completely engrossed in the game, you often forget that this is possible and can feel trapped in circumstances of your own making.


Before you started the game, you were fitted with a very sophisticated piece of equipment in the form of your emotions.  When you feel good, you know you are playing the game well but when you feel bad, you need to reboot and try a different tack to get back on track again.  Although, you cannot consciously exit the game whenever you feel like it, there is an unconscious part of you who knows when it is time to leave.


This game is one that you can never lose.  It is made up, purely of the experiences you choose to have, both alone and with other players.  You are always safe regardless of appearances and as you go through your life creating your own reality, everybody else playing the game, also benefits from your creations thus moving the whole universe forward.  So you can see that despite the light hearted nature of the game, you have a very important role to play.


This is truly a magical Universe where everything that you see with your eyes, hear with your ears and smell with your nose is not quite what it seems.  We look at a wall and see a solid object, if we trip over and fall against that same wall, it is guaranteed that we will hurt ourselves and yet we know that it is 90 per cent empty space.  We recognise that as our circular planet spins in its orbit, there will be times, when we must be standing upside down on the surface of the earth and yet the blood is not racing to our heads, we also accept that when we look up, we will see the moon and yet if we stood on the surface of the moon, we would still have to look up to see the Earth.  We do not question that when we blow a dog whistle, our faithful pooch will come running even though we cannot hear a single sound and, thanks to Einstein, we also know that time and space are relative and not constant as they would appear.  So, in other words, we are happy to accept many things that we cannot perceive with our own human senses even though, when we stop and think, it seems impossible.


Everything in this universe is made up of the exact same thing and when it boils down to it, that thing is pure energy.  It is the life force that makes the planet spin in its orbit, the sun rise and set, and keeps our heart beating without us needing to think about it.  This energy breathes life into everything from the smallest pebble to the largest mountain and it is this same energy that can be moulded and manipulated to “bend” our reality.  And this is where the fun starts.  Learn to harness the great power that is right at your finger tips and you can live a blessed life indeed.  Others will look at you and wonder what it is that you do differently to make your life so perfect.


However, a large chunk of the population spend their entire lives asleep.  They will never question their existence; will never look up at the stars and marvel at the sheer vastness of our universe, or appreciate the breathtaking beauty of the sun setting behind the mountains or find themselves hypnotized by the sound of the ocean lapping against the shore.


The power that keeps the world spinning is yours to use as you see fit.  Choose wisely and watch your life truly transform.  Life is meant to be lived to the full joyfully and with purpose.


The Day I Threw Away my Watch – Five Ways to Bend Time


The clocks went back last night so I decided to conduct a little experiment.  What would happen if I threw away my watch for the day?  Being a Sunday we had very few commitments but, even so, I found myself floundering because I didn´t know what time it was.  Should I eat if it wasn´t our usual lunchtime?  Was it time to walk the dog or phone my in laws, hang out the washing or go to bed?  It was a very empowering but stressful experience demonstrating just how addicted to our watches we really are.


Clearly, never knowing the time is not an option in modern society.  We all have places to be and people to see so if we can´t do away with our watches altogether, the next best option is to manage our time in such a way that we bend it to our advantage.  Here´s how to get yourself organised.


  1.  Find out where your time goes. Well we´ve all been there; we hit the end of a very busy day and ask ourselves where has all the time gone and what have we actually achieved today.  The odd day like that affects us all from time to time and doesn´t really matter in the great scheme of things but if this is becoming a regular occurrence for you then it´s time to take stock of how you are using your time.  Spend the next seven days conducting a time and motion study.  Get a piece of paper and make three columns.  One with a start time, the next the finish time and then space for a description of the task you have completed.  You should do this so that you have a complete record of your day from getting up in the morning to going to bed at night with no gaps.  Do this for a whole week.
  2. Plug the leaks. Congratulations if you have got to the end of the week and finished your time and motion study.  Although it may have seemed like an onerous task, it will now give you the opportunity to analyse the results and work out where you are leaking precious time.  What activities are you completing which are unnecessary or taking too long?  What can be delegated? How can you do the boring ones in quicker time?  Be honest with yourself.  We all have certain activities what we do just to allow us some downtime: watching TV or going on social media for example and whilst it doesn´t hurt to allow yourself a bit of free time, it is worth reducing this to a minimum or not allowing yourself to do it until the rest of the day´ s jobs have been taken care of.
  3. Put all your fruit in the jar. Imagine you have a big empty glass jar.  You have a handful of grapefruits, a few apples, some grapes and a carton of orange juice.  If you start by filling your jar to the brim with orange juice, you will not be able to get anything else in it but if you put in a few grapefruits, apples and then grapes and finally pour in the juice, you will have a little of everything in your jar.  Let´s pretend that the grapefruits represent urgent and important jobs, apples are the important tasks which aren´t very urgent, grapes are urgent but really not very important and the juice represents the stuff that we all love to do but is meaningless.  The key is to take care of the important tasks first before moving on to the urgent ones.  That way, you will maximise your time.  Don´t switch on the TV or message your friends until you have got though your day´s workload.
  4. Dreaming Big. When we get to the end of our life, we want to be able to say that we have no regrets and that we have lived a full life.  It is so easy to get to the end of a day and realise we have not accomplished anything of any real value.  To ensure we don´t have this hollow feeling as the sun is setting, we need to factor in our goals and aspirations and make sure we tackle these things first.  Spend some time dreaming about your future and writing down your aspirations.  Make them daring and dramatic and look at what small actions you can take to make them a reality.  Write down a list of the things you can do to help you achieve your dreams.
  5. The Mega List.  And now to commit it all to paper.  Brainstorm everything that you can think of that you need to add to your “to do” list.  It doesn´t matter how big or how small, you need to capture it onto your list.  Get some highlighter pens and categorise the list into “grapefruits, apples, grapes and juice.”  Once you have decided whether they are urgent or important or neither, you can start putting them in your diary.  Ensure you don´t overdo it.  Just put enough tasks into each day to stretch you but not overwhelm you and bear in mind that other things will crop up that you need to allow time for.  Check your diary for five minutes at the end of each day so you can get cracking as soon as you are ready to start in the morning.  Always start with your dreams and aspirations so you can say you have achieved something at the end of the day.


And that´s pretty much all there is to it.  If you keep on schedule each day, you will start to feel wonderful about your achievements.  The results you experience will increase your enthusiasm and as these feelings gather momentum, you will get an incredible buzz.  You will feel in complete control and positive and motivated about your successes.

International Women’s Day

And on the sixth day of creation, God crafted man in his own image.   He stood back to admire his handiwork and saw that it was good.  Nevertheless, he remained deep in thought.  In his hand, he held a single rib that he had plucked from the body of Adam which he was turning over and over repeatedly.  God knew how it felt to be alone and he knew that he must create a lifelong partner for Adam who would be his friend, lover and confidante throughout all time.


With this in mind, the traces of a small smile crept along the corners of God’s mouth.  He once more entered his workshop and worked solidly all through the day and night.  The angels gathered around outside talking in hushed voices.  They knew better than to disturb him when he was in his workshop but still they waited in impatient anticipation.


What could God possibly create to surpass all his other creations?  What could forever keep Adam satisfied until the end of time?  As the clock struck midnight, God came out of his workshop looking very pleased indeed.  The angels crept inside to take a closer look.  There was a sharp intake of breath as they beheld a beautiful woman. Her ebony hair fell in ringlets around her pale moon face.  She had large, crystal blue eyes as deep as pools and her tall curvaceous figure left the angels awestruck.  Such was her natural beauty that it took their breath away and they knew that Adam would indeed be happy until the end of time.


“But my Lord,” one of the angels spoke up, “This lady is so gentle and vulnerable.  How will she possibly survive the rigours of this life on earth with all its physical trials?”


“Dear one, please do not be taken in by her appearance,” God replied, “Despite her soft exterior, inside every woman beats a heart of pure solid gold.  In her softness, is a strength that will outstrip that of any other being.  Her body will withstand the trauma of childbirth and in bearing such pain, she will be strong beyond your imagination.  I have planted tears in her eyes which some will see as a sign of weakness, but with every tear she sheds, her strength will grow tenfold and she will learn more about herself and her fellow human beings.  Her soul is deeper than the ocean and her ability to love is never ending.  Whilst she walks the earth, I will send her a relentless number of tests to prove her endurance and each challenge she will overcome with a willing heart.  In doing so she will show herself to be equipped to face every situation.  In her dark moments she will feel that she is unworthy and unlovable but in reaching these low points, she will have such a deep understanding of the human race and will have empathy with every living creature on the planet.”


And so on the seventh day, God rested, pleased with all he had achieved.  For all the women who have ever walked the earth, have faith in yourself.  You are stronger than you think.