As I write this blog, it is Boxing Day evening and the end of two days of intense celebrations. Starting on Christmas Eve, my children, having hung their stockings and put out a mince pie for Santa and a carrot for Rudolph, had retired to bed where they squeezed their eyes tight and waited with expectant impatience. They rose early in the morning still full of eagerness and excitement to discover that ´he´ had been and the base of our tree was stacked up with masses of beautifully wrapped presents just waiting for the paper to be torn open. Despite my warnings to savour the moment and unwrap the presents slowly and carefully, my children dove in with reckless abandon and all the presents were revealed to them in under five minutes. The next few hours were spent assembling, adding batteries, reading instructions and generally enjoying their new spoils. It was, of course, a delightful day full of special memories but it got me thinking about the game of life and how Christmas is a reflection of it.

Many adults grumble about the early build up to Christmas and it is true that in many ways, the Christmas period starts directly after Halloween with adverts on the television and festive displays going up in many shops and stores. Children can be heard to remark that it is still ages away but nevertheless a small spark of early enthusiasm is ignited. On 1st December it really starts to pick up the pace with Christmas decorations going up in earnest, advent calendars and some early cards arriving in the post and thus the excitement starts to build. All focus is placed on one day on 25th December.

And this is really the point. What is better the build-up and excitement to what is promised or the day itself? In our house, as in many others, it is always a very special day but I can´t help thinking that the presents are more exciting when they are still wrapped up. The delight of not being quite sure what will be found inside: the strong possibility that it is something that was on the wish list but also a nugget of doubt that it could be something else – maybe even something better!

I am sure everyone reading this would have heard of the adage, “The joy is in the journey” but doesn´t this sound like the scenario above? If you believe in the law of attraction and have had some success with manifesting your desires, you will know that true desire is just like a child looking forward to Christmas. You have asked for what you want, you have focused energy towards it and you have handed it over to the universal manager to deliver it to you at the appropriate moment. You are not sure how it will present itself or whether it will show up in the way that you expect but you have let go of your expectations and you have faith that what you will receive will be exactly what you need at that moment.

So like a child opening their presents you will get that surge of excitement as you realise your dream has come true. You will feel appreciation that your goals have been fulfilled but following hot on its heels will be the realization that you never truly get it done and that you are already formulating another desire – something else that you wish to manifest.

Once you understand this basic principle of life you will feel more easy and at peace with the things that you want because there is always something, and the journey really does never end. So with this thought, it really could be Christmas every day.

Wishing you a very happy, abundant and peaceful New Year!

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