Today, I feel better.  Having been laid low with a flu type bug for a few days, it was a relief to wake up this morning and know that I was over the worst.  What an amazing machine our body truly is.  Sensing that it was under attack, it immediately dispatched millions of troops to take out the virus.  They saw to it that my temperature rose high enough to knock out the toughest of bugs and sent antibodies marching to every corner of my body fighting a battle inside me that they were determined to win – and all this as I slept on moaning about my aching limbs and my tickly cough!  And whilst all this was going on, my heart was still beating without any effort on my part and my lungs were still taking in oxygen – and really and truly, although I felt pretty ropey for a couple of days, it was all good.


Whilst I am certainly not advocating that we all get sick, it has made me truly appreciate how lucky we are to be healthy most of the time.  I am still not back to full fitness, and yet today, as the fog starts to lift, I feel invincible.  I felt that I looked around at my world this morning with renewed clarity and focus.  Life simply is for living and sometimes it takes a little contrast to make us appreciate the highs.


So today, filled with a true sense of purpose, I am stepping out again into the World and enjoying every moment.


Today, I refuse to face my reality – instead, I choose to create my reality.


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