International Women’s Day

And on the sixth day of creation, God crafted man in his own image.   He stood back to admire his handiwork and saw that it was good.  Nevertheless, he remained deep in thought.  In his hand, he held a single rib that he had plucked from the body of Adam which he was turning over and over repeatedly.  God knew how it felt to be alone and he knew that he must create a lifelong partner for Adam who would be his friend, lover and confidante throughout all time.


With this in mind, the traces of a small smile crept along the corners of God’s mouth.  He once more entered his workshop and worked solidly all through the day and night.  The angels gathered around outside talking in hushed voices.  They knew better than to disturb him when he was in his workshop but still they waited in impatient anticipation.


What could God possibly create to surpass all his other creations?  What could forever keep Adam satisfied until the end of time?  As the clock struck midnight, God came out of his workshop looking very pleased indeed.  The angels crept inside to take a closer look.  There was a sharp intake of breath as they beheld a beautiful woman. Her ebony hair fell in ringlets around her pale moon face.  She had large, crystal blue eyes as deep as pools and her tall curvaceous figure left the angels awestruck.  Such was her natural beauty that it took their breath away and they knew that Adam would indeed be happy until the end of time.


“But my Lord,” one of the angels spoke up, “This lady is so gentle and vulnerable.  How will she possibly survive the rigours of this life on earth with all its physical trials?”


“Dear one, please do not be taken in by her appearance,” God replied, “Despite her soft exterior, inside every woman beats a heart of pure solid gold.  In her softness, is a strength that will outstrip that of any other being.  Her body will withstand the trauma of childbirth and in bearing such pain, she will be strong beyond your imagination.  I have planted tears in her eyes which some will see as a sign of weakness, but with every tear she sheds, her strength will grow tenfold and she will learn more about herself and her fellow human beings.  Her soul is deeper than the ocean and her ability to love is never ending.  Whilst she walks the earth, I will send her a relentless number of tests to prove her endurance and each challenge she will overcome with a willing heart.  In doing so she will show herself to be equipped to face every situation.  In her dark moments she will feel that she is unworthy and unlovable but in reaching these low points, she will have such a deep understanding of the human race and will have empathy with every living creature on the planet.”


And so on the seventh day, God rested, pleased with all he had achieved.  For all the women who have ever walked the earth, have faith in yourself.  You are stronger than you think.

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