Working in a small, community school brings many benefits. Not only do I get to work with an incredible group of young people and teachers who demonstrate to me every day that I should count my blessings and live life to the full, but also I am privileged to enjoy extended holidays with my children and as a single mum, those holidays are a godsend. So I was extremely fortunate to have two and a half weeks off work to ´contemplate my navel´ and between Father Christmas visiting and New Year celebrations, I did just that. I took some time out to realign myself with my inner being. It was such a cleansing process and I would encourage everyone to spend a little time everyday reconnecting with the essence of who they are. Although I was lucky enough to be able to do this in a block of time, simply allocating half an hour every day would serve just the same purpose. You can allow this time to take whatever form works for you. There is no right or wrong way to approach this but I would just like to share what worked for me so that perhaps you can use this as a starting point for your own journey.

Mindfulness. Every morning set your alarm half an hour earlier than you need to and make sure you use the additional time for some true soul searching. Start with a ten minute meditation. You can find all sorts of suitable guided meditations online if you prefer to have some direction.

Working out the Kinks. Think about the last twenty four hours. Was there anything that happened that didn´t go well for you? Take some time to write this down in a journal and then make some notes on what this experience taught you. What was the hidden gift? How has it helped you move forward? How could you have handled it differently? What part did you play in it? Once you have honestly answered all of these questions, find a reason why you are grateful that this event or situation happened and write it down. You might have to work quite hard to find it but trust me, it will be there somewhere!

Appreciation. Now we are working on our gratitude, write down a list of five to ten things that you have been grateful for in the last twenty-four hours. Really open your heart and feel the appreciation for them. However bad a day you´ve had, there will always be something.

Set up your day in advance. Next think about what you have planned for your day. Break it down into sections if you can and play it out in your mind with the best outcomes possible. Anticipation like this can really help to nudge your fortunes in the right direction.

So how will you know that the processes you have put in place are working for you? Well, to begin with, you will start to feel wonderful. Over a period of time, the meditation will bring you an inner calm and serenity that others can only marvel at. The process of ironing out the kinks will enable you to face life´s challenges with renewed vigour. In fact, you may even look forward to having small problems to overcome so you can use the process on them. The appreciation will help you to see how far you have come and how good your life already is and setting your day up in advance will allow you to feel organized and in control and yet able to cope with any diversions that may occur.

But moreover, you may notice other little tell-tale signs as you go about your day which really emphasise that you are “in the zone”!

Goosebumps and shivers. A definite sign that you are in touch with your inner being is when you feel the shivers of goosebumps running down your spine. This is a certain sign that you are in alignment and living life how it should be lived.

Number sequences. Ever glanced at your watch or the cooker clock or even the washing machine dial and wondered why they all say 11:11 or 12:34? This is a clear sign that you are spending more and more time feeling good about life. It is like someone from on high sending you a positive download giving you a very clear signal that you are on the right track. Recognise that you have seen a sign and celebrate it.

Nature. Have you ever noticed when animals play? When I came out of my meditation the other morning and glanced up at the sky, three birds were literally dancing in front of my eyes. It was clear that they were flying just for the joy of the experience and for no other reason and it felt like their flight at that moment was just for my benefit. On the very same day, a squirrel, was perching in the tree in our garden devouring a pine cone. When he saw my son and I, he cocked his head on one side as if in greeting and continued to eat his fir cone nonchalantly but most definitely aware of our presence. So watch for the creatures of our world and how they interact with you when you are feeling good about life. This is a definite sign of alignment and clarity.

Synchronicities. Once you reach a point where you feel you can control your mood most of the time, you will start to notice extraordinary synchronicities. The right people seem to just magically appear at exactly the right moment. Events just happen one after another that lead you to the perfect outcome or solution. It is almost as if a path lights up for you and shows you the way.

Whenever you find yourself lucky enough to recognise a sign, make sure you stop for a few moments to truly acknowledge that it is in fact a sign and to appreciate how the universe is watching your back. Make sure you celebrate every little sign and stop to say thank you for its appearance in your life. Write your successes down in your journal so on those occasional bad days when a seed of doubt creeps in, you can read through all of your successes to show yourself that life is working out for you.

Life is supposed to be happy and with just a little preparation and forward planning it will unfold naturally in front of your eyes. You don’t have to use my processes to align yourself with your inner being. Just go with whatever works for you and start to live your life with purpose and joy.

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