Simple Abundance

“Gratitude ……turns what we have into enough and more, denial into acceptance, chaos to order, confusión to clarity.  It can turn a meal into a feast, a house into a home, a stranger into a friend.  It makes sense of our past, brings peace for today and creates a vision for tomorrow.”  Melody Beady      

Many, many years ago in the days before I had children, I remember receiving, through the post, a beautifully gift wrapped parcel at Christmas.  The hand crafted box had been delivered from San Diego where I knew no one and I puzzled over who would have taken such painstaking time and trouble to send me a yuletide present from so far away.  As I opened the box, I pulled out a book called “Simple Abundance” by a lady named Sarah Ban Breathnach.  At the time I was working for a UK company organising events for groups of CEOs and Managing Directors and the book was from one of the motivational speakers I had booked.  Of course, company rules state that you should not accept gifts from suppliers but needless to say, I was happy for this one to slip through the net.

It is fair to say that this book started me on a journey.  It teaches you through beautiful prose to simply appreciate the wonderful life that you already have.  Stop searching for something more.  Stop saying, “If only I had such and such, I would be happy.”   You don´t need anything to be happy and you don´t need to do anything to become happy.  You are not a human doing, you are a human being so trying to do something to make yourself happy just won´t work.  Just stop for a moment, just be quiet for a second, take a few deep breaths, look around you and realize that you are already there.  The way to become anything, is just to be it now and it will materialize in front of you.  Simple abundance teaches 6 principles.

Gratitude.  You already have what you need to be happy.  Embrace the hand you have been dealt.

Simplicity. The simpler your life, the more abundant and happy you can be.  So try to find time just to relax with no schedule and no agenda.

Order.  Whilst none of us enjoys housework and chores, creating order also creates sanity so toss out the things you don´t need and have a happy, tidy house.

Harmony.  Making space for your own ambitions and not just others´needs and demands.  This is all about creating balance and peace.

Beauty.  Seeing the wonder in ordinary and everyday things which are often overlooked is the key to appreciating beauty.

Joy…  is your highest purpose.  Life has a habit of throwing obstacles at us when we least expect them but deciding to handle them with joy will give you a whole new perspective.

Summer is the perfect time to start living these principles when the pace of life is slowing down and the living is easy.  So the next time, you eat a ripe piece of fruit, really savour the texture and the taste, enjoy the gentle breeze on a summer´s evening, when you go to the beach, actually swim in the sea or dive into a swimming pool and feel the cool water swirling around you.  Set your alarm for five a.m. and watch the sun rise, write a list of all the things you have always wanted to do and commit to doing one of them this month –  right here and now.  Make time just for you to do nothing.  Just be still, breath in the life all around you and be happy that you are alive.

So with this simple mantra, you can approach life with a new found calm confidence.  Understand that the world is a friendly place and it is truly on your side even if it doesn´t feel that way today.  When you look back you will see that life has worked out perfectly.  Therefore celebrate your life with a completely new point of view.

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