Stacking Up Serendipity – Six Techniques to Improve the Odds

Have you noticed how some people in this life seem to be born with more than their fair share of luck? Remember those kids at school? Good looking, fit, popular, intelligent, rich parents. It´s just not fair!

And so as a youngster, we start to form an opinion that nature deals us a set of cards and we have to simply do our best with what is dished out to us. This view is reinforced, as we mature, by well-meaning adults confirming that life just isn´t fair so, “you better get used to it”. By the time we are grown-ups ourselves, we have very deep seated beliefs about luck. Games of lottery and bingo, where we have the opportunity to win big, but the odds are stacked against us, play on our insecurities. But is there really any such thing as luck?

If, like me, you are a firm believer in the law of attraction, then you will know that we create our own reality and that there is no place for luck in this scenario. What we call luck is simply us focusing our attention in such a concentrated way that, to an outsider, it looks like the universe is falling at our feet without any effort on our part. So how can you get a slice of the action and tip the lucky scales in your favour?

1. Focus on People. Nobody in this world can get very far without the help and support of others. Studies have shown that people who are more gregarious and willing to strike up a conversation, tend to be luckier. Chatting to people, seemingly at random, can help to get the universal synchronicities flowing. Everybody is in our life for a reason, either as a pure gift or to teach us something; so start to look for the gifts that they offer. That dog walker that you have just walked past may have had an important piece of information for you about starting your new business. Don’t dismiss anybody as you never know what treasure they may unlock for you.
2. Focus on Solutions. There is no doubt about it, positive thinking definitely improves your chances in the luck lottery. You cannot simultaneously focus on a problem and find a solution. It can only be one or the other. If you are faced with a knotty problem, just be with it for a bit, meditate on it and tell yourself confidently that you have already found the answer and then just let it go. You can guarantee that the solution will miraculously come to you out of the blue when you are not even thinking about it.
3. Focus on Dreams. Don´t ever let anybody tell you that your dreams are too big. There is no such thing. Dreaming small or not dreaming at all is one sure fire way to guarantee that you will get nowhere fast. Dare to dream and do it often. Paint big pictures of your goals and aspirations in your mind. Make them large and colourful and allow yourself to enjoy the sensation of the dream as if it is already yours. Have so much confidence that you can achieve your dreams, that there is no need for a back- up plan or a plan B.
4. Focus on Action. Once you have focused your attention on your dreams, then take a step towards them and resolve to do something every day to make your dreams a reality. No doubt, sooner or later, if you stayed at home all the time and did nothing, your dream would eventually land in your lap but where is the fun in that? Taking action gives us a sense of purpose and is a demonstration of our intention to make it happen. In any case, the joy really is in the journey. There is no bigger sense of pride than seeing yourself moving closer to your dream and knowing that you did it all by yourself. So start now with something that will bring you closer to where you want to be and take a small step every day.
5. Focus on Appreciation. Don´t ever forget the people who helped you get where you wanted to go and don´t ever forget what your humble beginnings taught you about life. Look around you and appreciate everything that you have. Say a personal thank you to anyone who contributed to your success whatever their role. A grateful heart really does open doors for you.
6. Focus on Celebration. Whenever you have achieved something, then celebrate with all your heart. Jump in the air and cheer, dance a jig, crack open a bottle of champagne or take yourself off to a spa. Whatever activity you choose, take some time to really concentrate on what you have achieved.
7. Focus backwards. Now this might sound like a retrograde step but one of the downsides in constantly looking forwards is that there is always a gap between where you are and where you want to be. This is only natural. The human race is constantly changing and evolving and therefore there is a perpetual need to focus on the next achievement. There is nothing wrong with this at all but once in a while take a look back at where you have come from. Think about where you were this time last year and all of the achievements you have made.

So there you have it. Luck is just another word for focus. You have a blank canvas right in front of you and a box of palettes with every single colour in the universe with which to paint. The power to create your masterpiece is completely in your hands and we can´t wait to see it as it unfolds.

Good luck!

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