Super Moon


There are rare moments in our existence when the simple beauty of our natural environment so takes our breath away that it forces us to stop in our tracks and contemplate the higher purpose of our lives.  One such instance was this Monday with the rise of the super moon.  The evening did not start very promisingly as thick grey clouds took it upon themselves to protect the modesty of our lady moon by covering her up completely with their long, shadowy tendrils.  But depite their best efforts she was determined to shine and stepped out into the lime light to take centre stage in all her glory.  This exquisite ball of light shone with effortless grace and beauty and so low in the sky was she, that she looked twice her usual size giving off a soft, subtle glow as she continued on her midnight dance.


But it wasn´t just her visual beauty that was so stunning.  More wonderful, still was the power and the energy that she radiated and her ability to make us hit the brake pedal for a few moments and contemplate our very existence and the sheer magnitude of the universe.  As I stood looking up into the night sky, I was awestruck to contemplate that the moon is exactly the right distance away from the earth to keep it spinning perfectly on its axis.  Any nearer or further away and our world would become completely unstable as it wobbled violently in its orbit.


It is certainly not a new concept that the moon has such great powers.  She keeps our gravity in check, is responsible for the ebb and flow of our oceans and it is a well known fact that many more babies are born under the light of the full moon.  In ancient times, she has even been blamed for mental illness hence the term “lunacy”.


Any natural phenomenon that gives us cause to pause in our busy lives and contemplate our place in this world can only be a positive thing but the power of our super moon is in all of us, all of the time.  We only have to reach a little higher and stretch a little further to find our inner strength.  Don’t wait for the next super moon to make your move.  Start that project now and give it everything you’ve got.  The power to create worlds can be found in every last one of us.

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