The Nature of Reality

Poised at the very edge of Heaven, your toes wrapping tightly around the end of the diving board and peering tentatively down into the clouds below, you are about to jump off into the misty, murky waters of the virtual reality game that we call “life”.  You can’t wait to begin and in order to make the game more memorable and more exciting, you have agreed, right at your birth, to have your past memories erased, thus completely forgetting that the whole process of life is a game at all, and, in fact, thinking and acting like it is all very “real”.


There are no rules to the game you are about to play other than those you choose to adopt from other key players. You may also find that you will make up certain rules of your own based on your particular experiences.  As you travel on your life journey, you don´t have to do anything or go anywhere.  However, you will interact with millions of other players and as you do so, you will start to take on different roles, responsibilities and beliefs.


As with all computer games, all of the possible outcomes of the game have already been pre-programmed .  You can choose to be rich or poor, get married or stay single, be healthy or have bouts of illness.  At any time, if you do not like what you have chosen, you can create something different by the power of your thoughts.  However, because you are completely engrossed in the game, you often forget that this is possible and can feel trapped in circumstances of your own making.


Before you started the game, you were fitted with a very sophisticated piece of equipment in the form of your emotions.  When you feel good, you know you are playing the game well but when you feel bad, you need to reboot and try a different tack to get back on track again.  Although, you cannot consciously exit the game whenever you feel like it, there is an unconscious part of you who knows when it is time to leave.


This game is one that you can never lose.  It is made up, purely of the experiences you choose to have, both alone and with other players.  You are always safe regardless of appearances and as you go through your life creating your own reality, everybody else playing the game, also benefits from your creations thus moving the whole universe forward.  So you can see that despite the light hearted nature of the game, you have a very important role to play.


This is truly a magical Universe where everything that you see with your eyes, hear with your ears and smell with your nose is not quite what it seems.  We look at a wall and see a solid object, if we trip over and fall against that same wall, it is guaranteed that we will hurt ourselves and yet we know that it is 90 per cent empty space.  We recognise that as our circular planet spins in its orbit, there will be times, when we must be standing upside down on the surface of the earth and yet the blood is not racing to our heads, we also accept that when we look up, we will see the moon and yet if we stood on the surface of the moon, we would still have to look up to see the Earth.  We do not question that when we blow a dog whistle, our faithful pooch will come running even though we cannot hear a single sound and, thanks to Einstein, we also know that time and space are relative and not constant as they would appear.  So, in other words, we are happy to accept many things that we cannot perceive with our own human senses even though, when we stop and think, it seems impossible.


Everything in this universe is made up of the exact same thing and when it boils down to it, that thing is pure energy.  It is the life force that makes the planet spin in its orbit, the sun rise and set, and keeps our heart beating without us needing to think about it.  This energy breathes life into everything from the smallest pebble to the largest mountain and it is this same energy that can be moulded and manipulated to “bend” our reality.  And this is where the fun starts.  Learn to harness the great power that is right at your finger tips and you can live a blessed life indeed.  Others will look at you and wonder what it is that you do differently to make your life so perfect.


However, a large chunk of the population spend their entire lives asleep.  They will never question their existence; will never look up at the stars and marvel at the sheer vastness of our universe, or appreciate the breathtaking beauty of the sun setting behind the mountains or find themselves hypnotized by the sound of the ocean lapping against the shore.


The power that keeps the world spinning is yours to use as you see fit.  Choose wisely and watch your life truly transform.  Life is meant to be lived to the full joyfully and with purpose.


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